Black Diamond Collection


When a Diamond Heads product first appears in the life of its owner, a special relationship is instantly created. It’s a relationship based on mutual respect for work well done, embodied in elite design lines and the careful selection of the diamonds used in creating our products.

At Diamond Heads, quality is expressed in the patience and passion involved in making each masterpiece. The energy of a pure diamond is an inexhaustible creative source that will power all your writing projects to new heights of excellence. Luxury is a buzzword that’s everywhere these days. At Diamond Heads, ‘Luxury’ is found in the beauty poured into every detail and in the pleasure our clients discover in using their pens.

Our company symbol is the Diamond Head – inspired by the most majestic volcano in the world, in Honolulu, Hawaii. That volcano alone embodies and illustrates the intense energy that drives us in deploying our brand internationally. The beauty and seafront location of this natural wonder offer us an infinite inspirational model. It is our daily mission to marry the elemental power of water and fire, and to make you feel that energy in everything we do.